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“As our search for the new brewery site continues, we’ve appointed a multi-disciplinary firm of architects and civil engineers called Pick Everard to help us undertake some feasibility studies. Pick Everard will help us to understand the challenges created in differing types of location . The studies will consider such areas as planning, access and the availability of services and any other associated infrastructure provisions.

We expect this initial piece of work to be completed within 3 or 4 months and we’ll make sure any news or updates are posted as soon as we’re able. As ever, if you have any questions or comments, please use the form on the right of this page to contact us.”

Your feedback

Stuart Rawsthorne from Clayton le Woods said:
> comment: Just writing this before leaving for a tour with Lancashire > Camra branches at the brewery at Penny street and then on to the new > one. > ALWAYS make an effort to drink local Lancashire ale especially Thwaites. > For over 15 years I have been serving the people of Blackburn and have > driven past the lovely smelling haven that is Penny street, cant > believe its taken me this long to visit it. I share the thoughts of > onwards and upwards for the new brewery but whatever takes over on the > old site needs to have a visual reminder of what was there. I also > think maybe a yearly "beer face off" between your good selves and > Moorhouses would be a great occasion. Home and away legs for the Lanky Cup!! > > > ***

We said:
Dear Stuart

Thank you very much for your posting and comments on our site. It is nice to hear someone supporting our move, but we will not forget our roots, after all we have been part of Blackburn for over 200 years. We will bear in mind your suggestion about keeping a presence on or near our current brewery, and will look at ways that we can do that at the point that we move.
Rick Bailey

derrick davies from heywood lancashire uk said:
i hope you still keeping the horse and drays when you move. i always drink your cask beers when they on at my local wetherspoons

We said:
Thank you for your interest in our new brewery, our horses are an integral part of the brewery and we will be looking to stable them on the new brewery site which will enable us to have more access to visitors. We hope you continue to support us and enjoy our finest beers.

andy stuart from preston said:
Hi just to say good to see your investing in new brewery ,it would be nice to see good visitor centre with shop with plenty of murchandise!!and a bistro,with bar,but most of all please be open 7 days aweek for brewery tours and finally those famous words" build it and they will come"all the best love nutty black.

We said:
Dear Andy,
Thank you very much for writing to us about our plans for a new brewery. We agree with everything you say! A visitor centre is in our plans as well as somewhere to showcase our beers. We hope you will visit us when we open.
Best regards
Rick Bailey

Bill Taylor from Warrington said:
As a member at Lancashire cricket club I always enjoy a "pint o Thwaites." at Old Trafford. I wish it was more readily and consistently available in Sainsburys for home consumption.Good luck with the new brewery.

We said:
Great to read you're a fan of Wainwright and no doubt like us you're hoping for another winning season on the pitch with Lancashire. We're on with improving the availability of all our beers and not just with Sainsbury's, so we hope, come next September, you'll be able to celebrate a consecutive Championship win at home or better still in your local.

dave routh from great harwood said:
the brick artwork needs to be at new brewery

We said:
Dear Dave,
Thank you very much for your suggestion that we should take the clay picture of Thwaites Shire Horses, which is at the bottom of Eanam. This is a very good idea and a great way to retain some of our heritage, which we will look to incorporate at the new brewery.

John Property Director

Philip Turner from Southampton said:
I now find our local Tesco is selling your mild,I normally stock up when visiting Halifax. However I do find that Tesco is a bit hit and miss in stocking the brew. How about a brewery down south!Keep up the good work.

We said:
Hang on Philip, can we build our new one up North first! Seriously though, its great to hear that we have a fan of our champion Dark Mild so far South and you might want to try and ask the manager of the Beer, Wine and Spirits dept to up the order if they are continually running out. Failing that, you might want to seek out our Nutty Black mild in a bottle at Tesco's - its 3.9%, bottle conditioned and one to treat yourself with sometime perhaps. Cheers and thanks for supporting us and our beers.

STEVE ROWE from isle of sheppey kent said:

We said:
Many thanks for your kind comments, and Yes, we will still be brewing our double award winning Mild in our new brewery.

Duncan Carnie from North Notts said:
I really enjoy Thwaites beers. Because of where I live I mostly drink your bottled beers but have drunk it on handpump. My concern is that the taste of the beer will change when you move the brewery.

We said:
Dear Duncan,
Thank you for your recent email, wondering if our beer will taste the same when we move the brewery.

We have been brewing beers for other brewers for many years, either a minor brand for a national brewer or to help out a smaller one with a capacity problem. Before they are released flavour matching trials are carried out at our taste panel where expert tasters are not told what they are testing or indeed if they are testing old and new at all. If on blind tasting, they can't detect a difference then we have successfully matched the beer and have done many times. When we relocate, it will not be far away so the water will be the same lovely water it is too! The malt, yeast and hops will be the same and the brewing vessels and process will be very similar, just a bit smaller. We intend to take advantage of modern technology for low energy consumption but the core processes will be the same. On that basis I am confident we will reproduce the current taste profiles and I look forward to the tasting trials!

Gill Gibson from Hertfordshire said:
Firstly, good luck with your plans for a new brewery. Secondly, as a stockist of Kaltenberg, can you confirm you plan to continue brewing it throughout the brewery move? Thirdly, are you short of nuts? The Nutty Black I had at GBBF seemed to be lacking in nuttiness compared to previously... Keep up the good work! Cheers.

We said:
Dear Gill,
Thanks for wishing us luck with our new brewery.
Yes, we plan to continue brewing Kaltenberg throughout our brewery move.
We make our Nutty Black the same way we have been making the beer for many years, same malt variety, yeast and same hop recipe. We are working with natural ingredients and variations occur which we compensate for in our process so sometimes some characteristics may vary a little but the essential flavour is always there. The final check ia always a formal taste panel test and Nutty Black has been getting good scores. However we will have a close look.
Kind regards
Production Director

Roger from Highworth Wiltshire said:
When I shop at Sainsburys every week I always buy a couple of bottles of beer.I like to try beer I have not drunk before. This week I got hold of 2 bottles of Wainwrights.....What a superb beer!!I am going to ask the landlord of my local to try and get some in. Again,lovely brew,cheers

We said:
Good afternoon Roger,

Thank you for your recent comments on our page.

It is fantastic to get such a great review on our beer. Watch the shelves for more from us in the near future!

steve bradshaw from lytham st annes said:
hi just a quick e-mail to say i am very impressed daniel thwaites has taken this possative decision to go ahead and build a new state of the art brewery, the future brings both excitment and concern to the staff of daniel thwaites as it is common knowlage that not all staff will be taken to the new brewery, im sure the company will do right by those left behind and for those fortunate enough to stay with the company will be given a bright and secure future, no one knows quite how the new brewery will look or how it will be designed internally. i hope we dont loose the caricter of daniel thwaites,and the caricters that work there both of which is why daniel thwaites is the success it is today, i realise the new brewery is going to cost many millions and will need to run as cost affective and afficient as possible but we also need to keep the spirit of the staff which has taken many knocks over the past 10 years but still remains. good luck and please listern to those who care for there are many

We said:
Lynn our HR Director saw your comments and has said: the opportunity to build a new brewery is fantastic and we have some exciting times ahead. You have rightly pointed out that we need to retain the character of 'Daniel Thwaites' and we must do this by maintaining a point of difference with the qaulity of our products and by providing exceptional service. In the past this has been achieveable by the loyalty, commitment and passion of our workforce and we are conscious that this is key to our future success.

Peter Kenrick from Ribchester said:
I wish you all the best for your future brewery site - it's nice to see some independant investment in the sector. One thing - please ensure that all historical records concerning the brewery and the company history are preserved. It is very easy to lose sight of this during the planning and actual move.

We said:
Dear Peter,
Thank you for your recent message on our webpage.
We do have a museum and archive and we have every intention of keeping it all. Hopefully even adding more as items become available.
Kind Regards,

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