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At Daniel Thwaites, horses have been part of our team since we were founded in 1807. Originally our trusted shire horses were tasked with delivering our award winning beer to our pubs around Blackburn. Having been replaced in the 1920’s by steam and mechanisation, the tradition returned in 1960 when our Thwaites Shire Horses were reintroduced to deliver beer to our local landlords up until early 2000, in 1985 our horses were awarded the Freedom of Blackburn after 25 years of service to the community.
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Since their reintroduction in 1960 our beloved shire horses have also been used to promote our heritage. Whether they feature at national horse shows, support local community events or spend the day at one of our properties around the country, our shire horses are certain to turn heads and put smiles on people’s faces. As you may have seen by now, we take pride in everything that has the Thwaites name, and our horses are no exception. Not only do we win awards for our beer, pubs and properties but over the years our shire horses have won plenty of accolades such as Champion at the Shire Horse Society Show in 1978, Champion Prize for Best 2 Horse Turnout at The Royal Show in 2005, and more recently taking home seven prestigious awards at the 2011 Shire Horse Society Show.


is where the hay is

Today our horses are at home in our stunning stable block next to our Brewery in the Ribble Valley. They are looked after by our team of horsemen led by Richard who has been part of our Thwaites Shire Horse team since 2000.

Meet the horses


Seven years old
Ribble is our oldest shire horse at Daniel Thwaites and joined us in 2017. Since then he has won awards across the country in the Pairs Team Trade Turnout with previous stable mate Drummer, and more recently with Rocket. Ribble is also an important member of our Teams Trade Turnout team. Back at home he is known as the cheeky one in the stable, especially when bananas are on offer. His favourite Thwaites Ale is Amber.


Five years old
Drummer has been part of the Daniel Thwaites Shire Horse team since 2019 and enjoys his life pleasing pub goers. A key member of our Team Trade Turnout team, he is the widest of our shire horses. When not munching on spent grain from the brewery, he likes the classic carrot as a treat. Similar to Ribble, his Thwaites Ale of choice is our Amber.


Four years old

Rocket is one of the newer members of our shire horse family. Joining us in 2021 he has formed a formidable partnership with Ribble in the Pairs Team Trade Turnout due to their similar size. He is proud to be the tallest shire horse however! Pears are Rocket’s treat of choice and as far as Thwaites Ale goes, he loves a crisp pint of Gold.


Three years old

Thunder joined our shire horses in 2022 and is a hit with his colleagues both horse and human. A friendly chap, you’ll find him waiting at the front of his stable if he hears you coming to say hello. So be sure to give him lots of attention when you see him next. Thunder enjoys a few apples after a day of pleasing his fans and is a Thwaites Original drinker.

Recent Retirees


Retired 2022
Aged 17

Wainright now lives in Cornwall
soaking up the sunshine and sea air.


Retired 2020
Aged 9

Gunner now lives in Shropshire with
his companion Shetland Pony.

We are proud of our heritage and invite you to come and meet the gentle giants at one of our pubs, inns or hotels

Our shire horses are always travelling around the country, have a look at their diary to see when they are near you:

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Meet the

Richard Green

Head Horseman
I’ve been at Daniel Thwaites since 2000. I went straight from school to working with horses for a company showing shires for 13 years. Through the show circuit I knew people at Thwaites and heard there was a vacancy so started as a horseman. The best part about my job is coming to work. We’re all very very fortunate that we come to work to sort of do our hobby. I work with horses for a brewery, it’s the ideal package really.

Jon Jones


I’ve worked for Daniel Thwaites for around about 16 years now (written 2022). It was Richard that encouraged me to come here, we’d worked together before Richard came to the company, then a few years after he started he rang me up and said there was an opportunity for me here. The best part of my job is simple. Everything… (laughter). Working with horses, it’s my ambition, it’s my hobby. Basically everything.

Phil Williams


I’ve worked for Daniel Thwaites now for just over 5 years (written 2022). I’m originally from North Wales and have had shire horses myself for 11 years, showing myself. I was going through Facebook one day and saw that an apprentice horseman job was going, after speaking to my girlfriend we decided to relocate when I got this job. The best part about my job is the fact it’s my dream job, it’s like getting paid to do your hobby!