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Thwaites original 3.6%

Thwaites Gold 4.1%

Thwaites India Pale Ale 4.0%

Thwaites Amber 4.4%

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Our brewing team

The faces behind the beer

Led by Mark, our Head Brewer, our small team of brewers are constantly making sure your next pint of Thwaites is as good as your last, whilst continuing to win awards along the way. Varying in experience, from Harry who has been brewing our beer for over 25 years to Hannah who has recently passed her apprenticeship in brewing, each member of our team is involved in every part of the brewing process.


a totally tropical session ipa

Paradise No.3 is a refreshing pale ale brewed using citra, ernest and styrian cardinal hops ensuring a full-on tropical experience.

We're proud to be a
real craft brewer.
Our brewery has been at the heart of everything we have done since Daniel Thwaites first became a partner of the Eanam Brewery in 1807. We have continued to innovate and enhance our craftsmanship over the years, whilst remaining true to the award winning taste of a Thwaites cask ale. Some of you may remember our central Blackburn brewery, with our iconic Thwaites Tower which was built in the 1960’s. Considered a large scale brewery, we developed the site to cater for a commercial brewing process in which we bottled, canned and kegged our Thwaites Ales in what was one of the largest bottling and kegging facilities in the UK.

In 2015 we made the decision to reinvigorate our brewery, we wanted to return to our old ways and take pride in every beer we have our name on. This led to our new craft brewery being built at the foot of the Ribble Valley. Opened in 2018, our small team of brewers created our delicious beers by hand using the latest equipment, a step away from automation and mass production. Our brewery also houses a small lab that we use to ensure consistency in everything we brew, after all we want every pint of Thwaites to be as good as your last. We’re so determined to ensure that everything that is served deserves our family name that we’ve even built a bar and a cellar in an old cottage next door so we can see what happens to the beer through every process. We’re proud to be a real craft brewer.

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